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Several medical and health associations, including the National Psoriasis Foundation and the American Academy of Dermatology, discourage the use of tanning beds and sun lamps.Sun tanning or simply tanning is the process whereby skin color is darkened or tanned.

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The UV rays from tanning beds put frequent users at risk for developing health problems, which can be greatly reduced by using a protective tanning bed lotion.

In addition to the risk of developing skin cancer, exposure to UV rays causes your skin to age prematurely.

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In addition, using a regular tanning lotion in a tanning bed creates a film on the acrylic that ultimately restricts the tanning process and limits the tan you obtain.Natural I would say but the beds you can get more tanned in less time at once a different bonus.

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Often marked by redness and peeling (usually after a few days), sunburn is a form of short-term skin.More people develop skin cancer because of tanning than develop lung cancer because of smoking, and sometimes it develops at shockingly young ages.

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However, although tanning beds use both UVB and UVA light, there is no way to control the amount of the specific amount of light delivered—the only thing that can be controlled is the duration of time you can lie in the bed.

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And just when they were getting somewhere, some people began to believe that tanning beds were a healthier alternative.

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If you have tattoos, there are special lotions that can be used to maintain the ink within your skin.Can a tanning bed safely provide me with the vitamin D I need.

A weak association and dose-response relationship exists between sunbed use and melanoma, including a doubling of the risk to develop melanoma in individuals that started using tanning beds before the age of 35.The classification of tanning beds as carcinogenic was disputed by Kathy Banks, chief executive of The Sunbed Association, a European trade association of tanning bed makers and operators.News About Tanning Find out what the media is saying about the indoor tanning industry.

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In fact, using a tanning bed specifically can increase your chances of developing melanoma by 75%. Dr. Timothy Berger, an acne expert, states that although dermatologists may use phototherapy in the same UV wavelength as is used for tanning, the process of tanning is simply not healthy for skin.Now new research backs us up: An August 2009 report from the International Agency for.Find out what makes a tanning bed either health promoting or cancer causing and how you can locate the healthy tanning beds.

While relaxing in a tanning bed can be quite an enjoyable experience, it can potentially lead to some unpleasant side effects.The first tanning beds produced in the US emitted high levels of ultraviolet B (UVB) light, which does cause tanning, but can also result in sunburn and lead to other skin disorders.

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