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This article will help you understand granite sealing and determine how well your tops are protected.

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Apply a second coat if needed, then give the countertop 48 hours to cure.

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Sealing your granite countertop will protect your countertop and ensure it stays beautiful.

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Clean the sink with a stone cleaner that is specifically formulated for use with granite, and allow the stone to dry. 2 Pour a small amount of sealer onto the surface and work it into the granite.Those granite countertops in your house need some TLC to stay looking their best.

We use laboratory developed and field - tested natural stone cleaning solutions that cut through tough grease and dirt.Granite is a great kitchen countertop material (comparison review) but it is porous.Corian, granite, marble, travertine, quartz, and Corian stain quickly, so wipe up spills immediately, then clean with a pH balanced cleaner.Why wait for your granite counter to become dirty and greasy for you to clean it.Sealing granite or marble is easy: Clear everything off the counters so the entire surface is accessible.

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To properly clean and protect these surfaces, you need to use a pH-neutral formula specifically made for them.Yes, the pores of the stone need to be clean and dry in order for the sealer to penetrate and seal the granite or stone.

How to Clean, Polish and Seal Granite Countertops is sponsored content for Rock Doctor.When you install granite or marble for the first time, you must first seal it thoroughly to prevent oils and stains.This hard surface is a perfect selection for high wear commercial floors, and kitchen counters.

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Granite countertops are known for being both functionally and aesthetically appealing parts for virtually any kitchen or bathroom.

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Follow these step-by-step instructions (with pictures) to protect your countertops.Let the solution sit on the surface for 3 minutes so that the alcohol has a chance to disinfect your counter.

Spray onto the granite, allow to sit for three to five minutes, and then rinse with water and dry with a clean microfiber cloth.A couple weeks ago I set aside a little time when the kids were back in school and I could open windows and seal the counters.

Granite is a natural product and requires some special considerations, but simple care and maintenance will keep your Granite Countertops looking beautiful.Our technicians have been thoroughly trained to handle the special needs of granite surfaces in your home.To prevent this absorption from happening in the first place, it is necessary to seal the surface of the granite with a high quality sealer.Unsealed granite surfaces exposed to water for long periods of time can cause excess moisture to penetrate the granite causing surface cracks and sometimes irreversible damage.Do you know how to reseal granite countertops in the kitchen.

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